Miniature Fairy Gardens – Getting Started

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Creating a fairy garden isn’t just for grandparents and their grandchildren these days. Whether you are young or old creating a miniature fairy garden can let your imagination and creativity soar! You can indulge your love of fairy tales by designing a garden around the theme of your favorite story. Or you can just start designing one with no thoughts in mind. You can create one just for yourself or make it a family activity. By creating a fairy garden you can bring the kid out in yourself or your family. You’ll be transported into another world by creating intrigue and mystique. No matter where you place your garden you will be bringing a little enchantment into your life.


Basically your miniature fairy garden can be made of anything. You can start one in a flower pot, birdbath or even an old wash bucket. A shady spot under a shrub in a flower bed may be a favorite spot for your fairy. Or you can use the base and roots of an old tree to entice fairies to move in to a newly created house. Broken flower pots, planter boxes or aquariums make unique spots for fairy gardens. You could use an old milk jug, wooden boxes or even a broken tea cup. Choosing the container for your fairy garden is totally up to you. One of my gardens is inside an old wooden box with a hinged top that I found in an antique shop. I keep it near a window in case a Sun Fairy needs to drop in for a respite during the day. Plus if your kids decide to use an old boot or shoe for their fairy garden go ahead and let them. It’s all about being creative and using your imagination. Just have fun with it.

Fairy houses.

So fairies aren’t picky. Their homes can be made of some of the most natural or man made things around you. Pine cones or acorns make cute cozy homes for fairies. If you feel like building a fairy home you can make a house out of mini Popsicle sticks and decorate it any way you wish. Or maybe you’ve gathered some twigs from your yard and you can build a rustic looking home for your fairy. Gluing small pebbles to a plastic bottle can make a cozy home for a fairy getting out of the rain or snow. Or something simple as painting a door at the base of a tree can become your fairy house. Or you can take the route my granddaughter and I did and purchase a fancy solar fairy house.


Placement of your fairy garden totally depends on you. Flower beds, under shady shrubs, aquariums or in the middle of your yard are great places to start your garden. You want your fairy garden easily accessible so you can add additions and see if you have any visitors. If you’ve chosen to use terra cotta pots or planters placing your garden on the porch or patio is a good idea. That way you can keep your eye on what’s happening in your garden. Perhaps you might want to place the garden in the corner of a flower bed or at the base of a tree. Or if you are like me you might place your fairy garden in a quiet sunny corner of your house. If you plan to add on or expand your miniature garden make sure you place it in some space with plenty of room to grow.


Well you would think a fairy would be the obvious thing to include in your garden but that’s really not necessary. My granddaughter and I created a garden in hopes that her fairy, Jason, would move into his new home. Your garden could be made with purchased miniature accessories as well as a purchased fairy. Or you can be creative and make your accessories from acorns, pine cones, tree bark or twigs. Maybe you might like to build your fairy house out of mini Popsicle sticks, plastic milk jugs or just painting a small door at the base of a tree.

Also, you may want to plant some Spanish or deer moss in your garden. As well as mini ferns and succulents to invite the fairies into their new home. You can make pathways out of pea or aquarium gravel. Some glow in the dark stones will help the fairies find their way home during the night. You can find many fairy garden accessories at your local garden or whole sale time stores. As well as ordering items from numerous online sites. Mail boxes, benches, signs, wishing wells can all be added to the garden to make it a welcoming site. Just remember to keep everything to scale. It will make your fairy garden more inviting and believable.


Hopefully you’ve gotten some great ideas for your miniature fairy garden. The most important thing is to use your imagination and have fun. Just remember that your garden can transport you into another world. A world of joy, make believe and enchantment.

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