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I’m glad you’ve stopped by my website and brought your

imagination with you. Fairies are no longer Gaelic tricksters

of old. Thanks to Disney and Tinkerbell fairies have invaded many

facets of our lives today. Hopefully my site will provide

you with creative ways to express your fairy fantasies and


 My Story

I’m a retired librarian and a grandmother to 6 grandchildren

currently 4 years old and younger. Needless to say using our

imaginations is essential when we play together. Currently fairies

are only second to princesses in the five and under crowd.


One afternoon while looking out a window my oldest

granddaughter turned to me and said “what was that?” I decided to

play along with her and said maybe it was a fairy. She looked at

me and said we needed to go outside to see if there really was a

fairy in the tree. Of course on the way out we had to grab some

cookies for the fairy and ourselves.


We approached the tree and I looked into the crook of the tree. I

told my granddaughter that I couldn’t see anything but that it

looked like a fairy was living there. We left the cookies in the tree

and began talking about fairies.  She was very excited

about that idea of fairies. Then she proceeded to name her fairy.

Now I’m thinking this fairy was going to have a frilly sparkly name

of some sort, but she chose Jason for her fairy’s name.


And that’s when I decided to carry this imaginary play farther. I

ordered a solar powered fairy house that lights up at night so it

would look like Jason the Fairy was home. My granddaughter

chose the perfect site for Jason’s house and even added some

glow in the dark stones to put around his house.


Now every time I visit I add little things to Jason’s neighborhood

like a mailbox, benches, a wishing well, etc… My granddaughter

called me the first night she saw lights on in Jason’s house.

She was so excited that Jason the Fairy was at home. Also, she

keeps me up to date when things in Jason’s neighborhood get

damaged or moved around. I love that we are experiencing this

imaginary play together.



Helping you to develop and explore your imagination.

Imaginative play is important for children so they can experiment

with decision-making, practice social skills, and to

experiment with emotional roles in their lives. But imaginative

play can also help adults manage their emotions and feel

better. Who doesn’t smile when they see Tinkerbell sprinkle her

fairy dust?


This site is to help you discover everything fairy

So clap your hands hard and let’s explore costumes, wings,

jewelry, gardens, books and anything your imagination wants to in

regards to fairies.


Yours truly,


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